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#ifndef MAIN_H
#define MAIN_H

int         first = 1; /* TRUE if this is first image or after fullscreen or iconifying */
char        infotext[BUF_LEN];
GMainLoop   *qiv_main_loop;
gint        screen_x, screen_y; /* Size of the screen in pixels */
GdkFont           *text_font; /* font for statusbar and help text */
GdkColormap *cmap; /* global colormap */
char        *image_bg_spec = IMAGE_BG;
GdkColor    image_bg; /* default background */
GdkColor    text_bg; /* statusbar and help backgrounf */
GdkColor    error_bg; /* for the error window/screen */
int         images;     /* Number of images in current collection */
char        **image_names = NULL; /* Filenames of the images */
int         image_idx; /* Index of current image displayed. 0 = 1st image */
int         max_image_cnt = 0; /* # images currently allocated into arrays */
time_t          current_mtime; /* modification time of file currently loaded */
qiv_deletedfile *deleted_files;
int         delete_idx;
char    select_dir[FILENAME_LEN];

/* Options and such */

int   filter = FILTER;
gint  center = CENTER;
gint  default_brightness = DEFAULT_BRIGHTNESS;
gint  default_contrast = DEFAULT_CONTRAST;
gint  default_gamma = DEFAULT_GAMMA;
gint  delay = SLIDE_DELAY; /* delay in slideshow mode in seconds */
int   readonly = 0; /* TRUE if (un)deletion of images should be impossible */
int   random_order; /* TRUE if random delay in slideshow */
int   random_replace = 1; /* random with replacement by default */
int   fullscreen; /* TRUE if fullscreen mode */
int   maxpect; /* TRUE if autozoom (fit-to-screen) mode */
int   statusbar_fullscreen = 1; /* TRUE if statusbar in fullscreen is turned on (default) */
int   statusbar_window = 0; /* FALSE if statusbar in window is turned off (default) */
int   slide; /* 1=slide show running */
int   scale_down; /* resize down if image x/y > screen */
int   to_root; /* display on root (centered) */
int   to_root_t; /* display on root (tiled) */
int   to_root_s; /* display on root (stretched) */
int   transparency; /* transparency on/off */
int   do_grab; /* grab keboard/pointer (default off) */
int disable_grab; /* disable keyboard/mouse grabbing in fullscreen mode */
int   max_rand_num; /* the largest random number range we will ask for */
int   fixed_window_size = 0; /* window width fixed size/off */
int   fixed_zoom_factor = 0; /* window fixed zoom factor (percentage)/off */
int zoom_factor = 0; /* zoom factor/off */
int watch_file = 0; /* watch current files Timestamp, reload if changed */
int magnify = 0; /* [lc] */
int user_screen = -1; /* preferred (by user) Xinerama screen */

int number_xinerama_screens = 0;
XineramaScreenInfo preferred_screen[1];
XineramaScreenInfo statusbar_screen[1];

/* Used for the ? key */

const char *helpstrs[] =
    "space/left mouse/wheel down      next picture",
    "backspace/right mouse/wheel up   previous picture",
    "PgDn                             5 pictures forward",
    "PgUp                             5 pictures backward",
    "q/ESC/middle mouse               exit",
    "0-9                  Run 'qiv-command <key> <current-img>'",
    "^<string><return>    Run 'qiv-command ^<string> <current-img>'",
    "?/F1                 show keys (in fullscreen mode)",
    "F11/F12              in/decrease slideshow delay (1 second)",
    "a/A                  copy current image to .qiv-select",
    "d/D/del              move picture to .qiv-trash",
    "u                    undelete the previously trashed image",
    "+/=                  zoom in (10%)",
    "-                    zoom out (10%)",
    "e                    center mode on/off",
    "f                    fullscreen mode on/off",
    "m                    scale to screen size on/off",
    "t                    scale down on/off",
    "X                    cycle through xinerama screens",
    "s                    slide show on/off",
    "p                    transparency on/off",
    "r                    random order on/off",
    "b                    - brightness",
    "B                    + brightness",
    "c                    - contrast",
    "C                    + contrast",
    "g                    - gamma",
    "G                    + gamma",
    "o                    reset brightness, contrast, gamma",
    "h                    flip horizontal",
    "v                    flip vertical",
    "k                    rotate right",
    "l                    rotate left",
    "jtx<return>          jump to image number x",
    "jfx<return>          jump forward x images",
    "jbx<return>          jump backward x images",
    "enter/return         reset zoom and color settings",
    "i                    statusbar on/off",
    "I                    iconify window",
    "w                    watch file on/off",
    "x                    center image on background",
    "y                    tile image on background",
    "z                    stretch image on background",
    "<                    turn on/off magnifying window",
    "arrow keys                 move image (in fullscreen mode)",
    "arrow keys+Shift           move image faster (in fullscreen mode)",
    "NumPad-arrow keys+NumLock  move image faster (in fullscreen mode)",

/* For --help output, we'll skip the first two lines. */

const char **helpkeys = helpstrs+2;

/* Used for filtering */

const char *image_extensions[] = {
#ifdef EXTN_JPEG
    ".jpg",".jpeg", ".jpe",
#ifdef EXTN_GIF
#ifdef EXTN_TIFF
#ifdef EXTN_XPM
#ifdef EXTN_XBM
#ifdef EXTN_PNG
#ifdef EXTN_PPM
#ifdef EXTN_PNM
#ifdef EXTN_PGM
    ".pgm",  ".pbm",
#ifdef EXTN_PCX
#ifdef EXTN_BMP
#ifdef EXTN_EIM
#ifdef EXTN_TGA

#endif /* MAIN_H */

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